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Reviewing the IT service is a must

The drive to modern digital adoption requires a fresh look at the IT service

About the project

Berwickshire HA understand the value in digital technologies and recognise how by utilising these modern solutions, they can increase their customer satisfaction and potentially save money along the way.  But using technology to deliver the same service as yesterday is not the way forward. Technology must be used to enable change – from the redesign of the housing service operating model through the introduction of effective mobile working solutions or the ability to access accurate and quality data through the re-engineering of systems each must introduce efficiencies and improve the quality of service for both customers and staff.

At Berwickshire HA, Altair reviewed the IT service considering systems, technologies and service which enabled us to develop an achievable roadmap for service improvement with the added benefit of requiring minimal investment. Understanding what capabilities already existed in the current investment in technology and also in their partnerships with IT providers has meant that processes have been redesigned to take fuller advantage of their existing IT estate.  We developed a roadmap which will see the introduction of some newer technologies which will begin to address the ‘data sprawl’ that exists with an end goal of developing a master data strategy – in essence a single version of the truth.


Berwickshire HA have now introduced an effective ‘patch based’ operating model in which the technology supports staff working remotely, at home, in customer premises, or in the community. The introduction of Mobile CRM has provided greater access to information for staff reducing the need for hand-offs and referrals within the business. The IT service was managed by Altair on an interim basis whilst we supported the business in recruiting additional resources to support the delivery of the roadmap.

After quite a lot of organisational change, Altair were appointed to help us take a fresh look at our baseline IT position and help us develop our new IT and Digital Strategy. Working with the Altair team we were able to identify the key areas for focus in the short term and set the long-term vision. As a result of the engagement, our IT systems are in a much more stable and secure position, mobile working has been further enabled for our customer facing colleagues, and we have a clear road map and ambition for how IT and Digital can support BHA’s ambitions moving forward.
Eleanor Rooke, Executive Director Business Support

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