Graham Coupar


Management Consultant (Strategic Asset Management and Procurement).


Graham is qualified in property / construction, business management and law. He is also a Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Project Management Surveyor and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Graham has substantial experience of working within the social housing sector as a consultant, advising on strategic asset management issues. He has gained considerable experience and particular expertise in the development and implementation of procurement, strategic policy development, dispute resolution (Adjudication support & Expert Witness) and DSO business planning / ‘health checks' / VFM assessments.

Graham has personally led some of the housing sector's biggest procurement projects and has procured in excess of £4 billion of such projects in the last 13 years. He is a regular speaker at national conferences and has been awarded a Doctorate, which related to research on procurement within the social housing sector.

Altair Assignments

Recent projects that Graham has been involved in include:

  • Has undertaken in excess of 150 DSO / trading activity due diligence ‘Health Check’ audits
  • Has undertaken a number of forensic audits including dealing with contentious issues
  • Development and implementation of service improvement plans, with ‘SMART’ objectives
  • Business process re-engineering of Property/Technical Services Departments in order to re-align the structure and processes to achieve a more effective and efficient service
  • Development of technical standards, contractual procedures, partnering frameworks and the process of contractor control
  • Senior Property / Technical staff recruitment, selection and mentoring
  • Staff structure re-design taking account of efficiency drivers and modern procurement methods
  • Value for money reviews of property / asset management functions
  • Training and mentoring on a wide range of issues including strategic procurement, property law, contract administration, open book accounting, fire safety
  • Undertaking soft market testing for a number of organisations in order to test out the proposed strategy and to gauge the market appetite


Housing Asset Management Consultancy - Managing Director
Midland Heart - Consultant
London Borough of Southwark - Consultant
Helena Housing Partnership - Consultant
London Borough of Camden - Consultant
A regular speaker at national conferences

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