Michael Appleby, Director - Altair

Michael Appleby


Target Operating Models, transformation and service improvement, organisation design and review, change, human resources, governance, service review, strategy development, market and competitor analysis, psychometric testing, project management.


Michael is Market and Growth Director - responsible for the accounts sides of the business - delivering our services to clients.
This includes client relationships, market profile and opening up new market segments and channels.
Michael has led the development and implementation of a number of transformation programmes for clients. This includes programmes being driven by the need to reduce costs, develop new operating models and respond to changing customer demands. The majority of Michael’s experience has been gained in the social housing sector but he has also worked with clients in local government, public and private sectors. Michael is an HR professional, but is also highly experienced in areas such as governance, regulation & strategy, benchmarking, market & competitor analysis and organisation design.

With experience of advising on a broad range of projects, Michael is able to bring diverse experience, understanding and skills to projects.

Altair Assignments

Recent projects that Michael has been involved in include:

  • Development of a Target Operating Model for an ALMO
  • Development of a new Corporate Strategy and Target Operation Model for an RP in the South West
  • Advising on the HR aspects of a merger between two RPs
  • A review of the culture of the HR, contact centre and finance teams of an RP based in the North
  • Reviewing governance and executive structures
  • Reviewing and developing a revised remuneration strategy for a large RP
  • Ongoing advisory role to an RP’s remuneration committee
  • Operational health check on operations and asset management functions
  • Market and competitor analysis to support the development of a growth strategy
  • Reviewing and developing a job evaluation scheme for an RP


Tribal - Senior Consultant


‘Board member pay: Principles and practicalities’ for the National Housing Federation

‘Lessons learned’ report for Cosmopolitan Housing

‘Future gazing, Future Shaping’ reports setting out a vision for the future of the housing sector and documenting how organisations are currently transforming

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