IT operating benchmarking pilot survey

In today’s climate of high inflation and rising living costs, organisations within the housing sector are taking a hard look at their corporate services budgets. IT investments are under the microscope, yet the demand for high performance remains unwavering.

In partnership with SFHA, to support their members through these challenges, we recently conducted an IT benchmarking pilot survey with 10 SFHA members. This survey is part of our ongoing commitment to providing valuable insights and covers everything from staffing and skills to budgets, strategies, investments, and software perceptions.

Our goal is to highlight what’s working well and identify common challenges. By sharing these insights through a series of focused reports, we hope to foster a supportive community where members can learn from each other and encourage IT providers to step up their game.

View the first report: IT costs

Click here to view the full report.

If you would like a further discussion about the survey or your organisation’s IT costs, please contact Lauren Trevelyan or email

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