Learning Report 1: Scene Setting

Social housing sets out to address the issues of inequality and poverty through the provision of warm, safe homes to those who need it the most. We believe the publication of our first learning report, the first of three learning reports to be followed by an interim and final report, as timely.

At the time of publication, we know that social landlords are reflecting on the best ways to help their tenants during hugely challenging times.

Longleigh has commissioned this research in response to their experience as a grant maker, often providing grant to families moving into social housing without floor coverings. This learning report outlines the work of Longleigh and other grant makers to support those moving into social housing without floor covering provision.

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If you would like a further discussion about this research, please do get in touch with Anne-Marie Bancroft on anne-marie.bancroft@altairltd.co.uk.

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