Learning Report 3: Landlord Perspectives

Today we’ve published our third learning report: Landlord Perspectives, the third and final learning report exploring the provision of floor coverings in social housing.

Altair is carrying out a research piece, sponsored by Longleigh which investigates the impact of and opportunities for social housing providers’ flooring standards.

Having explored the tenant experience in our second learning report, this iteration is focused on the landlord perspective. Throughout our research, the team at Altair have engaged with landlords across the social housing sector. This report voices the views and experiences of these social housing landlords, who provide just short of 5 million homes across England, Scotland, and Wales.

This report also shares a key regulatory update from Wales, where the new version of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard sets an expectation that social landlords provide floor coverings for their tenants at point of let. This regulatory change was influenced by the Tai Pawb and TPAS Wales ‘Floored’ report, which also inspired our current research project.

View the Learning Report 3: Landlord Perspectives

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Engagement with the research – next steps

Throughout our research, we’ve welcomed views from landlords, tenants, and stakeholders. We welcome those who are interested in discussing this research to reach out to the research team.If you would like a further discussion about this research, please do get in tour with Anne-Marie Bancroft on anne-marie.bancroft@altairltd.co.uk.

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