At Altair, we are acutely aware of the rapidly changing environment and the challenges our clients face. The reduction of funding, the squeeze on budgets and the emphasis on value for money. In this environment, your governance , your appetite for risk, your financial stress testing and business planning for the future – be it short or medium term – becomes vital.

We work closely with you in a challenging and helpful way to develop an understanding of your issues, facilitating your thinking to produce creative solutions that help your business thrive in these volatile times.

We provide rational and objective advice – we are familiar with handling complex and sensitive information, we will remain independent and offer challenge where appropriate.

In Governance we offer advice and support in areas such as:

  • Governance and business reviews – we provide strategic and practical advice for board and executive teams. This includes assessment of all aspects of board and executive performance and development, providing valuable expert opinion, recommendations and implementation plans on the effectiveness of your core business and governance.
  • Strategic Risk Management – helping you to identify risks, assess their impact on your business and ways to mitigate them effectively.
  • Risk and assurance – we help boards to seek and obtain assurance, as well as explore the links between strategy, risk and control.
  • VFM reporting
  • Regulatory advice / IDAs
  • Special investigations and management – We are appointed by organisations to carry out special investigations when they are in the regulatory spotlight; we act as special managers handling complex and difficult situations.
  • Compliance
  • Board effectiveness
  • RP registrations

We have a strong track record in working with ALMOs, supporting them with their particular governance models and relationships with their local authorities. Our ALMO-specific governance research has helped the sector evolve over the years to meet the changing political and regulatory environment.

As well as Board and Executive level support and strategic advice, our clients often choose to access our inter-related services around financial consultancy, development and asset management, executive and non-executive recruitment and organisational excellence – covering areas such as process and service reviews, HR and IT.

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