We work closely with our clients, offering challenge and support to facilitate the development of creative solutions to help your business adapt and thrive in these volatile times. We also support regional and local authorities, as well as central governments, in the development of their housing (and related) strategies, understanding the local context as well as the wider market, and providing sustainable solutions to housing-related challenges 

Our four main Strategy and Change service areas are detailed below: 

Strategy and Policy 

We support organisations in the development and implementation of their long-term corporate strategies and policies, working closely with our clients to understand their current situation and mid-to-long term ambitions. Areas in which we support our clients include:  

  • Corporate Strategy Development 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Options Reviews 
  • Growth Strategies 
  • Review of Markets and Competition 
  • Away Day Facilitation
  • Development of Policies and Procedures 

Transformation and Change  

Altair have a robust approach to business transformation, working with organisations to co-design improvements to internal functions, services and culture. We have a strong track record in whole organisation operating model design within the housing sector, as well as delivering targeted reviews of service areas where our clients have identified a distinct need.  

We take a holistic approach to supporting our clients, where possible, taking regard of all the whole ‘system’ at play. Our transformation and change service is grounded in datadriven analysisgaining a detailed understanding of their organisation, and taking a collaborate approach to designing solutions 

Our core offers are:  

  • Target Operating Model Developmentdeveloping a new, future-looking way of operating from the ground up 
  • Service Improvement and Process Re-engineering: reviewing current services and processes and designing more effective ways of working 
  • Organisational Design: Understanding the structural and resource requirements of the organisation and supporting the implementation of changes 
  • Culture Changediagnosing cultural challenges and supporting the implementation of changes 
  • Change Implementation: providing programme and project management support through organisational change 

Public Policy 

We believe that effective decision making starts with providing high-quality, evidence-based advice. As part of our wider strategy offer, we can support your business or jurisdiction through primary and secondary research and analysis and policy development. We support our clients through the preparation of briefing documentation, evidence-based strategy and policy making, managing consultations and writing and publishing research and policy business cases and reports. 

Our evidence-based public policy offer is backed by robust qualitative and quantitative data collection, statistical and graphical analysis, and engaging reporting and presentation techniques. Our public policy work is also supported by a tried and tested approach to project and stakeholder management, ensuring that you and your stakeholders are actively engaged and kept informed of relevant activities and findings along the way.  

New Entrants 

For organisations looking to enter into the affordable housing sector, we have a team of experts in ready to support clients through the feasibility, business planning and mobilisation process to understand their needs. As part of this offer, we advise on 

  • Legal Structure – we work closely with legal advisers to create the most appropriate profit making or nonprofit structure to best meet your objectives 
  • Governance Arrangements: creating a suitable governance structure for the size and purpose of the organisation 
  • Policies and Procedures: ensuring that the correct policies are in place and at the right level 
  • Business Planning: understanding your goals and identifying how to meet this once in operation though realistic financial modelling 
  • Recruitment: ensuring that you have the right people in the right roles to successfully run your new business 
  • Registration with the Regulator of Social Housing: providing support in meeting the Regulator’s criteria and overseeing your application