The science around climate change is undeniable. The climate impacts over the next decade are largely locked in, but future impacts depend on substantial decarbonisation action over the next two decades. For society to survive, drastic change is required. While there are actions that individuals can undertake, the biggest, most beneficial impacts will come from worldwide collaboration. This will consist of a commitment to change, government policy and regulation, educating global populations and businesses efforts (SMEs through to conglomerates).

Businesses which proactively adapt stand a higher chance of surviving but also driving long term value for themselves. Organisations are beginning to understand what the value drivers are of proactive social and environmental management. Tackling the challenge will present new opportunities for growth, innovation, and resilience investment.

The United Kingdom became the first major economy in the world to pass a law to bring its greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2050. The Committee on Climate Change reported last year that achieving this target will not be possible without the near complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from UK buildings. With plans for 1.5million new homes by 2022, the housing sector has a big role to play.

The Housing Sector – Where are we?

The housing sector has started to react, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The current emissions associated with housing need to fall by at least 24% by 2030 from 1990 levels, but reduction efforts have stalled.

In March 2020, Aquila Group announced that they would become and are committed to going carbon neutral by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions. This commitment is part of Altair’s movement to modernise who we are, what we represent and a forward-thinking vision for the future. From this, we have brought forward our sustainability offering in tandem with the activities of the Green Group. The Green Group will compliment existing service lines such as; Strategy & Change, Governance and Property. To find out more about what we are doing internally to achieve a carbon neutral status, please click here.

By demonstrating excellence in environmental and social management, organisations can capitalise from a variety of direct and indirect benefits.  Regardless of this being the right thing to do, it is essential that organisations future proof themselves from the impacts of climate change. Organisations who value sustainability as a key component of their business plan will push themselves up the value chain.

We work with Boards, Executive and delivery teams across organisations to provide proactive, practical and expert advice on a full range of climate conscious initiatives, relevant to the housing sector. This includes working to ensure that a ‘Sustainability Golden Thread’ runs right through the organisation – linking strategy with operational delivery of programmes and specific activities. Altair’s sustainability service line aims to support clients, analyse their current position and impact on the environment, before working to design, implement and embed sustainability related strategies and change programmes from a corporate stance through to an operational level.

Altair can specifically work with you to support:

Our clients and projects

We provide support to housing associations, local authorities, national governments and other organisations. Examples of some of our track record include:


If you are looking to drive and progress the sustainability agenda within your organisation, we would be happy to have a further discussion with you. Please see the relevant contact details on the right hand side of this web page.