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Bianca Hansen

Over the past six years, Bianca has been deeply involved in carbon reduction and offset projects while implementing comprehensive sustainability strategies. Since relocating to England, Bianca continues to work with companies to measure and improve their ESG rating and performance by identifying risks and opportunities within their current position. Through developing tailored action plans and glidepaths to reduce their carbon footprint, Bianca has a strong record in helping organisations across a variety of sectors to achieve their sustainability goals.


Sustainability programme development & management, net zero and decarbonisation strategies, ESG performance management, environmental stewardship, carbon accounting, stakeholder engagement and management, and design-thinking.

About Bianca

Bianca holds qualifications in Scope 3 Accounting under the GHG Protocol, alongside certifications in resource efficiency and cleaner production, risk management, and green energy management. She is a certified Sustainability Practitioner through The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and a certified Carbon Footprint Analyst.

With over a decade of experience, Bianca has worked extensively with startups, specialising in sustainable development. Her focus then shifted towards value chains, carbon footprint mapping, decarbonisation, and ESG performance management and strategy. She possesses in-depth knowledge of performance measurement, carbon management methodologies, mitigation, adaptation, ESG Integration, and strong project management skills, including stakeholder engagement and risk management.

Recognising the importance of delivering high-quality results on time and within budget, Bianca is known for her dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm in the sustainability field. She’s driven by a desire to produce impactful work that brings about positive change.

Recent Assignments

Social Care Agencies, ESG Performance Assessment and Strategic Recommendations (Principal Consultant) 2023

  • Conducted an in-depth ESG performance assessment for two social care providers, engaging with key stakeholders internally and externally.
  • Reviewed key data sources to comprehensively understand the current ESG position, setting targets for improvement.
  • Delivered tailored recommendations and action plans to enhance overall ESG performance.

Pharmaceutical industry, Carbon Reduction Strategy (Principal Consultant), 2023

  • Led multiple projects for clients within the pharmaceutical industry, conducting full carbon footprint calculations.
  • Crafted glide paths to achieve Net Zero, considering the unique characteristics of each client’s operations.
  • Presented a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, including a detailed analysis of supply chains to establish realistic Net Zero target reductions.

Care Home Groups and Pharmaceutical Sector, Decarbonisation Projects (Principal Consultant), 2023

  • Successfully executed decarbonisation projects within the pharmaceutical industry and two within the social care sector with 2035 and 2045 Net Zero targets respectively.


  • Carbon Footprint Analysis, Net Zero Target Setting & Decarbonisation Strategy
  • Environment, Social Governance Measurement & Action Plan Development
  • The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership – Sustainability Practitioner Programme
  • Hasso Platner Institute for Design Thinking – Design Thinking
  • University of Cape Town – Bachelor of Commerce in Management

Fun Facts

Hailing from the breath-taking backdrop of Cape Town, often described as the world’s most stunning city, she is an enthusiastic outdoors(wo)man. Her weekends are spent seeking out the finest natural marvels in and around London— usually resulting in a hike, a run, or a swim. Her spirit finds its match in Bella, her beloved South African rescue pup, a creature that embodies the charm of a domesticated fox.

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