Resources Manager

Casey-Scarlett Haylock (she/her)

Casey’s role includes managing graduate resource, graduate training, and overseeing the utilisation of consultants. She also oversees business opportunities, data protection compliance and client surveys. Further to this, she is a member of the ESG group and provides internal assistance across departments.


Operations and people management, operational delivery, compliance, resource management, strategic planning and development.

About Casey

Casey has 5 years of management experience spanning across people management, resource management and operations management. Managing teams and projects across a wide variety of industries from inbound contact centres working with 400+ clients and several major industries to the UKHSA’s Test & Trace campaign. Casey has a track record of using excellent organisational skills to pull teams together and provide required results.

Whilst working full-time, Casey also committed to furthering her education, earning a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and most recently, a Level 5 diploma in People Management and is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of People and Development. Casey is now studying towards her Level 7 diploma in People Management.


  • Operations Manager – Sitel
  • BA (Hons) Business Management, First-Class
  • Level 5 Assoc. CIPD People Management Diploma
  • Level 7 CIPD People Management Diploma (in progress)

Fun Facts

Casey enjoys crafting, cooking, motorsports, gaming and art. She is also an amateur astrologer, researching ancient practices to understand more about the phenomenon behind horoscopes and planetary traits.

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