Assistant Director in Corporate Finance and Treasury

Christina Barham

Christina has a wealth of experience in financial planning and covenant selection for mergers and acquisitions as well as growth/investment strategies. Alongside, a breadth of expertise in development structures, analysis and appraisals, treasury, and tax. This supported by 20 years’ experience in housing, working closely with executives, boards, and the regulator.  With a proven track record in challenging the norm and advising on new structures, Christina provides support and guidance to our clients. 


Christina is an FCCA specialist in Long Term Financial Planning and Investment Appraisal. Working with executives on risk management and stress testing in challenging environments alongside the financial impact of strategic growth opportunities.

About Christina

Christina has a proven track record in the live dynamic preparation, stress testing and regulation of the business planning process. Experience of investment appraisal, financial analysis, and long-range financial planning in a substantial and complex organisation.

She is an expert user of the Brixx financial plan software and importer and nominated ‘super user’ of the Pamwin development appraisal model. She is conversant with affordable and commercial appraisal techniques to review individual projects, with experience of managing complex financial models both bespoke and off the shelf.

She has the ability to undertake independent financial reviews of projects/financial plans, to critically appraise the key risks and implications associated with any proposal/plan. This is alongside the ability to forge relationships and work with key stakeholders including the RSH and funders.


  • Combining financial plans for Catalyst mergers with Peabody, Aldwyck and Rosebery.
  • RSH/Lender/Investor co-ordination and liaison re merger/funding requirements.
  • Reviewing plans for regulatory submissions.
  • Reflecting growth and treasury strategies within financial plans.
  • Financial plan credit risk analysis.
  • Analysing plans for covenant compliance, waivers, and renegotiating covenants.


An FCCA professional with a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies from Northumbria University at Newcastle, Christina until recently, held the role of Group Head of Financial Planning and Analysis at Catalyst Housing Group and prior to that, Senior Financial Analyst at Guinness Housing Trust and Business Planning Manager at Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association, all within a Corporate Finance function.

Fun Facts

Outside of work, Christina loves spending time with her four children, as well as enjoying traditional British holidays by the coast and long walks with her two dogs.  

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