Bid Manager

Javier Daura (He/Him)

As a Bid Manager, Javier leads and coordinates the bidding process for international housing-related projects within Altair, collaborating closely with different stakeholders, clients, partners, and other Altair internal teams, developing winning bids and securing business opportunities globally.

Javier comes from the housing and infrastructure sectors, particularly, in the Global South.


Policy Making, Urban and Economic Development Experience and Management experience in Residential Developments, Slum Upgrading Programmes in Latin America, India, The Philippines, Pakistan and The United Kingdom.

  • EDGE Expert
  • Stata
  • SPSS
  • GIS
  • Tableau
  • MS Office
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

About Javier

Javier brings a wealth of expertise to the table in the fields of public policy, urban development, public relations, and urban economics. His journey has taken him to various corners of the globe, where he has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of communities through his work.

Javier’s passion for transforming urban landscapes began with involvement in ground-breaking initiatives, including pioneering research for the Olympic Quarter of Buenos Aires, addressing informal settlements in Argentina, and contributing to transformative housing projects in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his career, he has donned the hat of a proficient project manager, orchestrating Housing Economic Development and Regeneration projects across vibrant regions in Latin America and Asia.


During his tenure at Reall LTD in the UK, Javier successfully oversaw the construction of approximately 1,850 affordable houses across Pakistan, The Philippines, and India. 50% of his portfolios were on the path to achieving EDGE certification. Additionally, Javier played a pivotal role in refining the financial model and governance frameworks of a special-purpose vehicle aimed at securing $60 million in funding.

Prior to this, Javier gained valuable experience as an analyst at Future Places Studio, a dynamic real estate start-up. Here, he provided consultancy services to the Duchy of Cornwall.

In Latin America, Javier earned experience in the public sector, particularly, in Argentina, where his responsibilities included: Delivering pre-feasibility studies for the Olympic Youth Quarter and overseeing the construction process and economic development programs for the slum upgrading initiative in Barrio 31, the oldest informal settlement in Argentina. Additionally, he provided advisory services to enhance agricultural outputs in the Amazon Jungle, benefiting communities in Peru.

Javier takes pride in his status as an EDGE expert (the International Finance Corporation’s green certificate for buildings), coupled with his PRINCE2 certification.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and two master’s degrees in urban economics from Di Tella University and University College London.

Fun Facts

Javier hails from Argentina and considers himself a modest football player and dancer.

In his leisure time, when not spending quality moments with his wife and children, outside of his writing pursuits, which include crafting short stories and working on his memoirs, he find solace in the world of comic books and Mangas. He is particularly enthusiastic about titles such as Daredevil, Macross, Vagabond, and Slam Dunk.

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