Senior Marketing Executive

Jodi Turpin (She/Her)

Jodi is the Senior Marketing Executive for Altair, responsible for the marketing activity for the Governance, Strategy & Regulation, Recruitment, People & HR, Corporate Finance & Treasury, and Property & Regeneration service streams. She also manages the external communications strategy and marketing plan for Altair.


Jodi has developed expertise in digital marketing, social media management, SEO, website building, content creation and copywriting, marketing strategy and events planning over her marketing career.

About Jodi

Jodi brings a decade of marketing expertise, with a proven track record across diverse sectors such as motor, construction, utilities, and housing. Her enthusiasm for marketing is rooted in a deep-seated passion for creative hobbies and art. This led her to embark on a journey into content creation and graphic design, igniting her exploration of a fulfilling career in marketing.

Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, Jodi is eager to enhance her skills and contribute to Altair’s marketing initiatives. She is skilled in a broad spectrum of activities, including social media management, promotional events, conferences, digital campaigns, webinars, and e-bulletins, among others.

Fun Facts

In her spare time, Jodi enjoys reading, gaming, visits to her local beach, and listening to a variety of music and true crime podcasts. She also attends several music festivals and gigs every year to satisfy her love of live music. Jodi loves changing her bright hair colour on a regular basis, as well as getting new tattoos and hanging out with her pet snakes!

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