Junior Consultant

Natalie McClay (she/her)

Natalie is a Junior Sustainability Consultant with a background in assisting public sector organisations with net zero strategies, carbon footprint calculations, and workshops to aid in implementation.


Public sector sustainability, net zero and decarbonisation strategy development, ESG, climate risk and mitigation, carbon accounting.

About Natalie

Natalie is a Sustainability Consultant and member of IEMA with 2 years of experience, specialising in environmental, sustainability, and net zero strategies.

Natalie has worked with more than 21 public sector clients to deliver a variety of projects and programmes, building a strong set of skills including carbon footprint calculation, workshop delivery, ISO 14001, TCFD, and ESG reporting.

Natalie’s degree in Geography sparked her interest in sustainability, providing her with a strong base of understanding of this topic and an appetite to consult on this topic.

Recent Altair Assignments

iOPT, Market research 2023

  • Worked with key stakeholders to identify their priorities and concerns regarding IOT devices in the areas of consumer regulations, building safety, and net zero.
  • Reviewed the relevant legislation and policy applicable both now and in the future to help iOPT ensure any developments with their product and service offering aligned with changing requirements.
  • Consolidated findings from the desktop review and customer interviews to shape recommendations that would enable iOPT to develop their product to the next level, helping future-proof it in line with changing sector requirements around Net Zero, Consumer Regulations, and Building Safety.

Abri, Carbon reduction planning and net zero horizon scanning 2023

  • Supported Abri in developing various pathway options to Net Zero and developing specific targets for net zero at an organisational and operational level.
  • Worked with key client stakeholders to identify and develop projects required to support delivery against Abri’s wider net zero targets.
  • Undertook an assessment to identify the transitional risks to which Abri was exposed to, overlaying the implications onto their forecast emission profiles.
  • Designed a set of environmental operating principles, based on the political and legislative landscape, for Abri to embed across the organisation to support them in their response to net zero.


Natalie previously worked as a sustainability consultant specialising in the public sector, collaborating primarily with NHS organisations. This included report writing, calculating carbon footprints, sustainability workshops, and ongoing organisational support during the client’s net zero journey.

Climate Risk Report

  • Supported in conducting research into the projected impacts of climate change on various areas of the business.
  • Wrote a report detailing physical and transition risks in relation to climate change.


  • Engaged with stakeholders to gather information needed to produce a TCFD report.
  • Supported in the writing of the TCFD report.

NHS Green Plans

  • Created sustainability reports for 20+ NHS clients in line with the NHS’s net zero ambitions.
  • Conducted workshops to communicate the goals and discuss the challenges of net zero delivery.

ISO 14001

  • Developed a comprehensive legal register to ensure the client was complying with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Participated in site audits.

NHS Integrated Care System support

  • Project lead for an Integrated Care System in the NHS. Aspects of this included a sustainability report, summary document, video, and e-learning.


  • Geography BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Manchester
  • GradIEMA
  • Carbon literacy certified for the healthcare industry.

Fun Facts

Away from Altair, Natalie enjoys going to the gym and since she recently moved to London, exploring the city.

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