Junior Consultant

Patrick Goldie (he/him)

Patrick joined Altair as a Graduate Consultant in July 2021.


Policy research and development; qualitative data analysis, report-writing.

About Patrick

With a professional background in language teaching and a postgraduate degree in International Relations, he brings excellent organisational, research, and presentational skills to the team.   As he embarks upon his consultancy career in the housing sector, he seeks to acquire and develop expertise in the areas of policy research, governance, and project management.


Governance and Public Relations Officer – FRESH community wellness

Laurena Magistrate (Master’s) in International Affairs, 110/110 with merit – University of Bologna

MA (Hons) in History, First – University of Glasgow

Fun Facts

In his spare time, Patrick loves film, long-distance running, learning languages, tennis, and travel.  He also likes to cook, albeit with mixed results.

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