Our Services


Altair International provides specialist consultancy advice on interventions to increase the provision of affordable housing in developing countries. We support national governments, aid agencies, public and private sector institutions to increase the supply of affordable housing.


Altair International has a specific focus on emerging markets. We have an established track record of working on projects across Africa and Asia.    

This includes support across the whole chain from design to implementation of affordable housing initiatives:   

  • Diagnose – We work with clients to help diagnose the key characteristics of housing markets, to enable a firm understanding on which future strategies and interventions can be based.  
  • Shape – We develop tailored strategies, interventions, solutions, policy etc. to shape the future supply of affordable housing within a market.   
  • Implement – We support the delivery of affordable housing initiatives, from funding and financing through to new institution set-up, regulatory and policy reform and project delivery.     

Our international offer is led by: