Maggie Chow

Maggie has a collaborative, pragmatic and innovative approach to health and safety with developing and implementing strategies and solutions to reduce risk profiles across the business in a commercially and operationally viable manner. Maggie has extensive experience working with internal and external stakeholders at all levels, to identify business improvement and opportunities while providing legislatively compliant advice and support. This involves analysing risk and financial based data to provide recommendations around strategic areas by developing management reports around lead and lag indicators and return on investment analysis.

Maggie’s role as a Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor at Speciality Fashion Group involved managing risks and supporting staff across 1500 sites ranging from general health and safety requirements to property, contractor management and refurbishments of stores and warehouses. She coordinated internal and external contractor management processes ensuring accountability and responsibility with all phases being covered in the construction, design and specification lifecycle of a project. During this time of Maggie’s involvement, Specialty Fashion Group has won safety awards for excellence in reduction of risks and costs and leading employer for best workplace health and wellbeing initiative.

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